What diseases do wild Daytona Beach animals carry?

The list of all the diseases that wild Daytona Beach animals carry is huge but the list of diseases that while animals can transmit to humans or our other pets is not that big, most diseases are species specific so they cannot jump from species to species. The term that the experts use for diseases that can transfer from species to another species are called zoonotic diseases. All of these diseases can be prevented from transferring if the humans involved take the recommended precautions for the particular area of the United States they happen to be in at the time. Some diseases come from animals but most of the really dangerous stuff comes from insects, specifically ticks and fleas.

The number one disease that comes from Florida animals is of coarse rabies. Rabies is classed as an acute disease because it is always fatal once clinical signs develop. In animals it is always fatal too. Outside of the United States nearly all cases of transmitted rabies to humans come from dogs but inside the United States there is around one case per annum now and they are mostly from domesticated cats. Because there is now a vaccine against rabies most domestic animals are safe from the disease and even if bitten by rabid wild animal they will not get the disease or transmitted onto other animals or their owners.

The second most dangerous disease caught by humans from Daytona Beach animals is the hantavirus, this virus causes kidney, blood and respiratory ailments that can sometimes be fatal. The general early symptoms are fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and lower back pain. This virus is spread mostly by rodents via the urine, feces and saliva and the animal can remain chronically infected their whole life, the contaminated feces from infected animals are believed to be the source of spreading the virus through dust particles as the feces dries out, the other transmission method is by a bite.

Today a lot of people believe the most dangerous virus of all is probably Florida bird flu, this flu which is technically called avian influenza is both highly contagious and lethal. The flu is generally spread by wild birds into the domesticated bird populations and then into humans. At first bird flu is like every other form of the flu which we have all had, you get fever, cough, sore throat and nausea. However bird flu rapidly progresses and you get severe breathing difficulties as well as acute respiratory distress syndrome which will then rapidly develop into pneumonia. What scares doctors today about bird flu is that although it originated in birds and could originally only be transmitted by birds they have now got recorded cases of human to human transmission.

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