What equipment is needed to trap a Daytona Beach opossum?

Opossums are annoying pests that will enter your home or property if they think that there is food. They do not travel in large packs, so if you do find that you have an opossum there should be just one or two. It could also be a mother opossum with her babies. As opossums are marsupials, she will carry the babies in a pouch on her body. Before you decide to trap a Daytona Beach opossum, you need to be aware of the fact that they are nomadic and will eventually move on their own. They will not live on your property long-term. There are two types of traps that you can use.

A live animal trap.
This trap will enable you to trap the animal without killing it. It is set up in an area where you are having issues, cat food or tuna makes good bait for opossums. You can place a trail of food leading up to the trap. When the Florida opossum enters the trap a door will close, locking it inside. When you have caught your critter, you can relocate it to a more suitable location. You can also purchase a leg-hold trap, this will safely hold on to the opossum so that you can remove it and relocate it without killing it. Make sure that you put the trap in a shady spot where the opossum will not be exposed to harsh sunlight the whole time that they are trapped. If it is a mother Daytona Beach possum, make sure that she has her babies on her, they will die if left unattended.

A trap that kills the animal.
This is the less humane way of getting rid of a Florida opossum, it is also illegal in some cities. The trap consists of a steel plate that acts as a platform for the bait. As soon as the opossum puts pressure on the plate the steel jaws will close on the paw or snout of the animal. This means that they are unable to escape and will eventually bleed or starve to death.

Legal implications.
In many states in America, it is illegal to catch or kill an opossum. Other countries have individual laws when it comes to hunting wildlife. Make sure that you check with the Fish and Game Commission in your state before setting your trap.

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