Where should I relocate a trapped Daytona Beach rodent?

I was just reading an article on a website that advocates learning to “live in harmony with house mice and rats”, Yep, they seriously want you to allow Daytona Beach rats and mice to infest your home rather than trying to protect the health of yourself and your family by exterminating these disease and virus spreading pests. Now I am not a bloodthirsty person, I don't like to kill anything but in some cases I'm quite happy to kill if I believe the animal in question can do me harm personally or can harm any members of my family. Rats and mice as a small problem can carry rabies and if people who advocate living in harmony with them are too stupid to understand that then good luck to them.

There are pet mice and there are pet rats and I know they make exceptionally good pets but these are not the Florida rats and mice that we are talking about, we are talking about the wild variety and all the possible viruses and diseases they can bring with them, both rats and mice tend to spoil food supplies by either pooping in them or urinating in them, making them not fit for human consumption but just detecting that a rat or a mouse has used your breakfast cereal as a toilet can sometimes be almost impossible, until you get sick or your child gets sick. Most professionals in this business only use snap traps against rats and mice, these traps are invariably lethal, the way the professional set them the animal virtually has no chance if it trips the trap.

A lot of people cannot kill some Daytona Beach rodents simply because they are cute, the ultimate example of this is a eastern gray squirrel, the most common squirrel in North America but realistically unless the animals are actually living in your house then they pose no danger whatsoever to humans. If on the other hand you have a squirrel or squirrels living upstairs then it is a better than good idea to get rid of them, the usual method is by using cage traps to capture them alive. Once you've caught them all the next phase of the operation is to seal up all the holes they can use to get back into your roof, once you've done that it is recommended that you attempt to frighten the animal badly without harming it and then take it as far from the house as you can get but still on your property and release the animal, if it attempts to head back towards the house be prepared to prevent it, a garden hose with a directional squirter is ideal for this.

This is the same method you will use to relocate any other Florida rodent you capture alive that tried to take up residence in your house. A note here is that it is best if you appear callous and uncaring to the animal, they understand what you are thinking and if you're trying to frighten them it is necessary.

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